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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) online

One of the most commonly used attack methods is the use of vehicles.

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One of the most commonly used attack methods is the use of vehicles. Either as a means of carrying explosives, using the vehicle as the weapon itself by ramming pedestrians, or as a means to transport attackers and weapons into a secure area. This course is designed to understand and identify what is a suspicious vehicle, what are the most relevant modes of attack, and how we can plan our security operations to mitigate and counter this risk. The course will include case studies and samples from global incidents, review various methods and technologies for vehicle mitigation, and help the students plan security processes to counteract this threat. This is an on- line video training, presented over 1 session of 3 hours. The course is presented live so Q&A is encouraged, as well as active participation in the discussions. COURSE OBJECTIVES • Develop the knowledge and tools to identify and understand what a suspicious vehicle is. • Understand the point of view of the attacker- what are the relevant threats and what threat scenarios can impact your operations. • Understand how to create a mitigation plan incorporating traffic management tools and security technologies. TOPICS COVERED The following subjects will be covered in the seminar: • Suspicious Signs in vehicles • Methods of Attack- understanding the threats to your operations, based on the industry and type of operations. We will cover current threats, and relevant threat scenarios • Assessment- where is my site or operation most vulnerable to a vehicle attack. Understanding the process of vehicle entry to a site, traffic patterns and dynamics. • Mitigation strategies- Screening, Processes, Technologies, Procedures, and Training. • Guidelines, Standards and Regulations- ISO, CPNI, DHS, and other agencies’ publications. • Physical Protection Professionals • Security Consultants • Cooperate Security Managers • Police Officers • Army Officers • Aviation Security • Public Transportation Security • Critical Infrastructures security managers • Hotel Security, Public Installations, Event Security • Facility Managers • VIP Protection Agents Online Course: March 30th 4-7pm (16-19Uhr) Min. 5 Participants Price 350,- Euro


Moritschstraße, Villach, Austria

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